SeaTrek Helmet Diving

The tour starts in Great Bay, Philipsburg, from where the water taxi will take you to the next bay. This bay is called Little Bay and is quieter than Great Bay. The Sea Trek platform is moored there, close to the rocky shore. On this platform you find all the equipment needed for the helmet diving, including water shoes in different sizes. There is a little desk where you can buy a drink, a t-shirt or order your picture USB card. In the benches there is space to store your belongings. Also available is snorkel gear, in case you want to enjoy some swimming and snorkeling while waiting for your turn to do take the plunge and walk on the bottom of the sea.

During your Sea Trek, the safety diver will lead you to the track, a 300ft long loop, which takes you past both natural and artificial reefs, such as a submarine, canons salvaged from Fort Amsterdam and even a real helicopter. You are also invited to interact with some of the local sea creatures along the way. You will find an abundance of fish while you are discovering the marine life of Little Bay!